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Education Program

Virtual Education Program


With Maui’s schools being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, and field trips unlikely, the Sugar Museum has developed portable lending kits for teachers to use in the classroom. These kits are filled with learning materials, crafts and games that  teach children about our sugar plantation heritage.

Educational Materials


Explore our collection of videos, slideshows, and activities to expand your knowledge of the history of sugar on Maui

In-Person Education Program


Our in-person education program is back! Come to the museum on a field trip and experience learning materials, crafts, and games that teach children about our sugar plantation heritage.

The Sugar Museum’s education program, which was developed in 1988 and rolled out in 1990, is a standards-based program where students learn about the history of the sugar industry and plantation life on Maui, and how it has shaped its people and landscape. In 2020 we reached the milestone of 30 years of serving Maui’s students!

Portions of the Education Program are funded by a generous grant from Alexander & Baldwin.

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