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To preserve and present the history and heritage of the sugar industry and the multiethnic plantation life which it engendered.

Image by Hồ Ngọc Hải


To provide an enriching experience to those learning about the history of the sugar industry and understanding Hawaii’s plantation heritage and how it helped shape our current island society. To become a major visitor destination and community educational resource. To provide an outdoor space for the community with a venue for their cultural festivals as well as a gathering place for reunions and other social events.


Museum Director - Jill Pridemore

Assistant Director - Holly Buland

Front Desk and Shop Manager - Traci Kala

Caretaker - Kale Kanno

Education Coordinator - Liane Pasion


Board Members

President - Robert Stoner

Treasurer and Controller - Wil Cambra, Jr.

Vice President - Ken Ota

Secretary - Alyson Nakamura


Richard F. Cameron

Meredith J. Ching

Estefano Ferrari

James A. Gomes

Roger MacArthur

Grant Nakama

Maryanna G. Shaw-Stockolm

Douglas A. Sheehan

Darren Strand

Rick W. Volner, Jr.

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