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Legacy Brick Program

The Plant Your Legacy Commemorative Brick Program allows individuals and groups to donate an engraved brick to honor an individual or entity, commemorate a special event, or memorialize a loved one.


With a gift of $125 or more to the Sugar Museum, a Legacy Brick with a personalized inscription may be placed on the Museum grounds to celebrate the newly built Plantation Garden. The gift amount covers the cost of the brick, installation, and a personalization.  

Program Notes

Brick Design


The design of Legacy Bricks is determined by the Sugar Museum. Legacy Benches and plaques are installed beginning in August.



A personalized message will be engraved on each brick. The donor may select the verbiage based on the allotted space. Sugar Museum staff will approve the final language.


Additional Terms


Once the Legacy Brick is installed, the donor will receive a letter notifying them that the brick has been placed with details indicating the location of the brick. Upon donor request, a notification letter may be sent to the brick honoree’s family advising that their loved one has been honored or memorialized in this special way.


If you have any questions regarding the Plant Your Legacy Program, please reach out to us by phone or email.


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