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Spurred on by a family tragedy, Margarida takes a leap of faith with her children to sail from the Azores and begin a new life in Upcountry Maui. The family becomes part of a wave of immigrants who labor in Hawaii's sugar plantations in the 1880s. Witness to the forces of business expansion and political revolution, Margarida and her children persevere with their daily tasks, uphold their Portuguese traditions, and strive to secure an enduring home. The men labor in the fields for the planters and then create their own home farms and ranches, while the women help to make ends meet and serve the growing community with midwifery. Across three generations, the family contributes to building the Upcountry communities and maintaining them through times of adversity, economic depression, and war. Their story captures the power of family and fortitude in their journey toward fulfilling their dreams.

The author offers a blend of well-researched history and creative storytelling to bring to life the family saga. The book allows readers to walk in the shoes of the Azorean immigrants and authentically encounter the social and economic changes underway in Hawaii before World War II.

Between the Sea and the Sky

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