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A spray for literally EVERYTHING! Use it to refresh your room, linens, car and body. This beautiful refresher spray is Infused with 'Alaea crystals, better known as Hawaiian Sea salt. Creating negative ions, so every time you give a spritz, you create the serene feelings of breathing ocean air.


TIP FOR SUMMER: keep your Everything Spray in the refrigerator and give yourself a cool refreshing mist when the temperatures get hot!


All natural - vegan - gluten free - cruelty free - organic ingredients


2oz. of  handcrafted heaven in an amber glass bottle with fine mister.

The Everything Spray

SKU: 835395C
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  • Handcrafted from Start to Finish In Maui, Hawaii!

    To Be Organics is a self-care company that focuses on high quality, organic, self care. Owner, Karli Rose, believes that the very small act of taking care of yourself can put you in the mindset to give the very best of yourself everyday.
    Focusing on quality locally grown ingredients and eco conscious packaging of a sustainable luxury experience.

    100% natural | 100% Handcrafted

    Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Synthetics Free

    To Be Aloha

    To Be Pono

    To Be Mahalo

    Our Mission continues to be one of sustainability, purity, love, light and gratefulness. To hand craft every step with Aloha. To stay Pono with our ingredients and how we impact our environment. And of course, to share our deep and un-ending gratefulness (Mahalo) to all of you, for your support and belief in our products.

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