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Indulge and pamper with our 100% Natural floral bath salts. A luxurious blend of Organic dried flowers and herbs infused with epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt and Hawaiian sea salt to relieve tired and achy muscles. Let our Blissful aromas take you away.......


How to Use

Ritual: Pour Salts into warm tub or foot bath. Don't forget to light your To Be Home candles, repeat your mantra, and soak your worries away.

Whats in It

Ingredients:  epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt, Hawaiian sea salt, dried flowers and herbs**, fragrance***.

*100% natural & pure **USDA certified organic

Our fragrances are custom blend of 100% pure, natural & USDA certified organic: oil infusions, flavor oils and essential oils.

contains no synthetic color or fragrances

Floral Bath Salts - assorted

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