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These are a full set of 40 cards that are extra large, full color, printed on eco friendly card stock and include original artwork with numeric numbers as well as the the Hawaiian word for each corresponding number. You could easily reuse these cards to teach counting, colors, animal and plant names, memory card game or simple matching exercises. If you would like to add an extra challenge to a round of your Go Fish! Hawaii game, require each player to specify what color word they are looking for, in addition to the number to create a match ( If you look at the bottom of each card it says the animal/ or plant name and you will get 2 different colors per deck making for a full 20 unique pairs of cards per set.) You can play at a beginners level as well and mix and match the colors so that you are just pairing the numbers on each card. No matter what rules you follow, these cards are sure to bring some smiles to your kiddos face with their bright colors and beautiful artwork!


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