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This North Shore Sea Salt- Assorted Mini - 2oz is the perfect way to add amazing flavor to your dishes. This salt is sourced from the north shore of Hawaii and features an assorted mix of flavors including garlic, and Maui onion . Just a pinch can take your meals to the next level, with a unique taste and texture that can’t be found in ordinary table salt. Perfect for baking, seasoning, and more, this sea salt is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

North Shore Sea Salt - Assorted Mini - 2oz

SKU: J371225
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  • We are a small business based in Hawaii that creates locally sourced and uniquely flavored Hawaiian Gourmet Sea Salts. We offer a range of culturally meaningful and authentic Hawaiian gifts, wedding favors and amenities.

    Traditionally Hawaiian Sea Salt was used in ceremonial blessings of outgoing canoes and tools and to preserve abundant catches. It was one of the first items exchanged between Hawaiians and early Traders and even today, a gift of salt is considered a symbol of good luck and blessing and makes a beautiful and meaningful personal or corporate gift.

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